3 10 2012

The Adam Khoo Leadership Company is proud to present an inaugural event made by youth leaders of yesterday for the youth leaders of tomorrow.

Today we present to you the LEAD THE CHANGE leadership revolution.


This is a leadership convention that seeks to bring regional youth leaders from all walks of life, regardless of position, experience or title together under one rood to dialogue, collaborate, network and celebrate the true essence of 21st Century Leadership.

Made with love and created with energy, this dynamic event seeks to :

1) Deepen leadership collaborations and networks amongst the youth of today

2) Challenge your notion of what being a leader truly means

3) Give a platform for you to make a difference and embark on a massive leadership project in SUNNY SINGAPORE.

4) Hear the wisdom of leaders from all walks, strands and genres of organisation 

5) Challenge your leadership capacities and inspire epic breakthroughs in a stretching and captivating leadership race that spans Singapore island where you can stake the claim. Think Running Man + Amazing Race + Survivor. Add a spice of Singapore flavour and #megusta awesomeness. This is the race not to be missed.

So what are you waiting for. Seek an adventure where there’s no turning back. An epic journey of gargantuan proportions. A distance that only you know you can go. Because we believe that if you breathe air, you’re a leader.

And just like all things that got thrust to leaders from Obama to Lee Kuan Yew to Mandela, when there is a gargantuan task to be done, an adventure awaits.

All you have to do is say #CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and email ridhwan@akltg.com or vernie@akltg.com for more details. You will be greeted with an email from 2 friendly difference makers ready to show you the wonders of the infinite world of leadership possibilities. Worth a shot aye?

Take a leap of faith. Because you read this blog post, know that somebody believed saw something special in you.

That;s why you are here.

We assure you, life will never be the same again. 


Follow us on Twitter @leadthechange or with the hashtag #leadthechangetheworld 


This is the Launch of Season 11.

2 12 2010

Life gives you blanks... Fill them!

The New Year is here and Season 11 of Coaching has finally arrived! This coming 31st December, many of you may make many resolutions. For many of you, the turn of the year is the start of something new. A long break after 10 straight years of school. A well-deserved sabbatical after the toughest exams of your lives. Parachuting back to civilian life after the epic adventure of national service. Or that dash for life’s experiences before you shave botak to serve a bigger cause.

And as you look around for experiences in fun and adventure, experiments in joy and excitement, why not embark an epic journey of awesome proportions. Join our family of awesome coaches as we go out there on a mission of Empowering Lives, Designing Destinies. To plant a seed of hope, a splash in the ocean of youths, to make a difference. For too many people wait a lifetime to make the change, to take the plunge of leadership, to be the difference that makes the difference. Too many people wait a lifetime seeking for happiness and joy, for adventures waiting for them at the depths of the ocean or in a far away land. Too many people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. For somewhere sometime in January, one person could make the difference. One person could change a life. To give hope to the hopeless and to stand out from the crowd. That person could be you.

And the time is now. For it starts here by signing up for our camps in this portal :


Do also join us for our noMADic Race! Black! Edition this 16-20 Dec as you get a preview to the epic adventures that are just about awaiting for you on the other side of 2010.

4 letters fate brought you to this site. But your destiny my friend, is in your own hands. Write Your Future Today!

Because You’re Amazing Just The Way You Are

7 11 2010

You make only one success of yourself but you can make many success out of others by educating, entertaining and empowering them. And as you go out there to make a difference to the lives of others, you will realise you are making a difference in your own life.

Welcome to AKLTG Coaching Season ’11 Coaching. Where each of you will make a difference to may lives out there. Whisper the message of hope. Give your smiles to others who don’t have any. Believe in those who needs the faith. When each of us plays our favourite tunes in the fun factory of camps.

If you are 16, have a heart to make a difference, an open mind to learn as many things as possible and a thirst for fun, laughter peace and joy you are at the right place. Come join this amazing journey of Empowering Lives, Designing Destinies where you will find a passionate time in facilitating in our motivational experiential learning camps. It doesn’t matter what experience you have or how you come into the Coaching Academy. What matters is what you learn and the legacy you leave. And each of you CAN leave every life you meet better than you found it.

So start here by signing up for our COACH TRAINING SERIES.

First would be the TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING CONGRESS on 8 and 13 December where you learn the ropes of facilitation, 21st Century Skills, strategies in communication mastery, debriefing techniques and valuable life skills they never taught you in school.

Then you will go for the NOMADIC RACE, the specially designed leadership camp with a difference that seeks to introduce you to your truest best selves. Come with an open mind and a thirst for possibilities and you will can scale new heights of achievement you never thought were possible. For stretching ourselves beyond the limits of our mind opens new possibilities. And why make the sky our limit when there are footsteps in the moon? Get ready for the Nomadic Race, where every footstep you leave on the face of the earth leave many a footprint in your hearts. For those who win in life aren’t the fittest and the strongest, it is they who believe that they can.

Be the AWESOME you want to see in the world. Start this COACHING JOURNEY today

So sign up today, as an individual or a team of 6 and send your particulars including :






to ridhwan@akltg.com today to BEGIN THIS JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME!


Many of us exist. But how many of us truly live?

28 09 2010

As you chance upon these words that now greet you with a sincere smile concealed behind the neat arrangement of letters along these lines, I bid you welcome to a world of possibilities. The fact you are reading this is perhaps a chance encounter, a recommendation from a friend, a result of your savvy Facebook curiosity or perhaps even destiny opening a door for you. Well we like to say that 4 letters brought you here today-FATE. But where you go from here is entirely up to another 3 letters-YOU.

How many of you are looking for a holiday job where you are paid to play games in the sun? How many of you are looking for a internship programme that centres around developing your leadership and people skills? What about a place very much like a fun factory where you get to meet new friends? To learn new skills they never taught you in school? To coach thousands of youth all across Singapore inspiring them to lead better lives? To stand up for something bigger than yourself? To make a difference, make a change one life at a time?

You will come to realise that you have chance upon the right place. 24 hours a day and 126 million blogs on the internet and you had to chance upon us. This could mean for something couldn’t it? As we bid you welcome to the site, we also bid you welcome to our family of difference makers. As you feel free to explore the sites and sounds of our blog, let us also tell you more about us.

1. 567 Coaches, 700 square kilometres, 1 family.

We are a team of coaches dedicated to empowering lives and designing destinies through the mode of experiential activities that span across the island of Singapore, the neighbouring valleys of Malaysia as well as the mountains along the Wuxi state of China.  3 places so far, but tomorrow is always full of possibilities. The world is our playground and the possibilities are endless. Alone we inspire youths to take charge of their lives, motivate them to reach for their highest selves and introduce them to limits they never thought they could reach. But together as one family, we create bonds of friendship and experiences along that part of memory lane we like to call the adventure of a lifetime.

2. It doesnt matter how you come in, what matters is how you go out into the world.

There are no requisites for this job just that you have a heart to make a difference and a willingness to learn. For it doesnt matter how you come or where you come from.  How much experience you’ve got or what skills you already have. For Einstein was once a young boy who never stopped asking questions, Donald Trump was once an apprentice and Picasso was once an amaateur. All those who had every been great had started off small. With small increments each day, they become better and better. You too have the potential of becoming an awesome coach. And here is the best place to start where we view success as getting one step closer to your goal each day than you were yesterday.

3. If It’s not fun why do it?

Very well said by Ben and Jerry. And we live by that creed. In this fun factory, we believe that we learn the best when we are happy and on the upward scale of positive emotions. Where we learn to laugh at ourselves and then the world starts to laugh with us and not at us. Where every experience is an opportunity to live life to the fullest and create bonds that will last a lifetime. Where fun is our middle name because we believe that happiness is a journey, not a destination. After all, if it’s not fun why do it?

4. Where we leave every person and place better than we found them

And in this journey of making a difference we believe that our mission is to make a splash in the ocean, a dent in the universe. To make a difference no matter how small or big in the lives of others. And as we make a difference in the lives of others, you will realize you will make a difference in your own lives. Be introduced to your truest best selves. As you embark on that simple act of leaving every person and place better than we found them, we realize that something deep within us has changed for the better as well. What can we do today to make a difference in the lives of others, to inspire someone to greatness, to motivate someone to take action, to be the change we want to see in the world? Start today by leading that change.

5. The School That Watched Us Grow

This is the school of life that will watch you grow. Some come in as raw carbon and come out as diamonds. Some will come in as winners and come out as champions. For it is here that you will come in and embark a journey of epic proportions. An adventure of a lifetime where you learn the word impossible is actually spelt as I-M-POSSIBLE. Where you will come to ask why make the sky the limit when there are footsteps on the moon. Where you will come in a boy and a girl, and come out as leaders of the future generation. And one day forward you will look back and you cant help but smile knowing how far you’ve come. So take this first step in faith. You dont need to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.

This is the AKLTG Coaching Family. Where the magic of believing in others is about believing the magic in others. Where you may be young but you can help to create a legacy that stands the test of time. Where you have that one chance to create the most meaningful journey of your life. Where the meaning of life is to find yourself a gift. And the purpose of it is to give it away. And what better gift can you present yourself that the passion of making a difference and changing the world one life at a time. Join us on this journey of empowering lives, designing destinies. And help to particiapte in this project called making a better world. Not because you want to, but because YOU CAN!

AKLTG Coach Recruitment for SEASON 2011 starts now. Enroll today by sending your particulars to ridhwan@akltg.com or commenting on this space.

Do also find us on FACEBOOK @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adam-Khoo-Outdoor-Education/69071021325?ref=search

and follow on twitter : whoosay

Do also find us on FACEBOOK @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adam-Khoo-Outdoor-Education/69071021325?ref=search

Sign Up Fast..!!!

23 02 2010

Hi Everyone,

As the portal is down, please go to this new database to sign up for upcoming camps!http://www.editgrid.com/user/peiyun/campsignup

We have lots of camps coming up in March. Let’s continue to impact more lives around us.

As much as we would want to allocate you to the camps that you prefer and confirm you early for the camps you sign up for, if there are not enough people, we will have more restrictions in allocation. So, please sign up early..!!!!

And let’s make our family bigger and bigger and impact not only the lives of students, but also our friends. If there’s anyone around you that you feel will be able to impact lives as much as we have been, get them into action as well….

See you guys soon..!!! =)

Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Meant For Something Greater?

13 02 2010

As you venture into this page, wondering what could be up in store, realize this: The choice you make in the next few moments will decide who and what you’re gonna be in the next few months, years, possibly the rest of your life.

Yes, it is that life-changing.

Welcome to the blog of Adam Khoo Outdoor Education, where making a difference and changing lives are the daily specials.
Where dreams come true, and I don’t mean the fairytale kinds. Where your dreams, the dreams you’ve always had for yourself, come true.
Today, is the first day of the rest of your life. Today is the day you can make the choice to live your best life.

More about ourselves:

Welcome to the family!
We are from the Youth Division of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, and we specialize in planning and executing outdoor programmes for youths of all ages, commonly ranging from 10 years old all the way up to 18 years old.
Essentially, you could say we are a camp company. However, we are definitely the camp company with a difference.
Our camps are unlike any other in the world; They follow a thematic approach, and every camp programme we conduct has a unique edge to identify and relate to the students at hand-and that’s how we stand out from the crowd.

At AKOE, although we do have these components, our niche is not in cheering and ra-ra. Neither is it in having high elements and sea sports.
Our niche is in showing you your truest and bestest self, the self who is powerful beyond measure, the self who can move mountains and split seas, the self of your dreams.

So here’s an invitation to you reading the very words on this screen. If you are looking at yourself, wherever you may be, whether it is during the long break while waiting for your A’Level results and subsequently University admission, or whether it is having your final semester break from Polytechnic, or whether it is waiting for enlistment into National Service, and find that you want something to add more sparks into your life, then join us.
Join us as a Coach of Adam Khoo Outdoor Education, and find your truest, bestest self.

As the title of this post says: “Have you ever felt like you were meant for something greater?”
Well this is it. Because nothing gets greater than this.
Than changing lives and making a difference in the future of our nation, the future of the world.

Simply leave your name and contact details as a comment here, and we will contact you faster than you can say ‘supercalifragilisticXPaladocious’.

Because life is a series of rooms, and which room we enter, who we get into those rooms with, that’s what moulds our life.
How will you mould yours?

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

25 12 2009

If you are reading these words, know that things always happen for a reason. You may have stumbled upon us, or found us through facebook. Or a mass mail. Or someone asked you with passion in his or her eyes to go to this url. Or you merely followed a link. What’s important is that you are here today. And though we can never predict what may happen to us in the future we sure can do one thing. We can OPEN OUR HEART TO A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES.


Because there is much that you can learn in the confines of the 4 walls. But once you step outside the door, the possibilities are endless. And what you can learn is never ending. The world is your playground. Play to win. To have fun. To live your best life. And make a difference to the world around you. To make a dent in the universe. And leave every person and place better than you found it.

Where we do 3 things. Educate Entertain Empower. And in this journey we like to call life, we sometimes ask ourselves a good many questions. A lot that focus on ourselves. Like what’s our meaning in life, what will happen to me tomorrow or why me. Let’s learn to shift our focus today and ask instead life’s most important question : What are we doing for others today? For we will soon come to learn that the more we make make a difference for others around us, the more we make a difference in our lives. The more we find joy for others, the more we find joy for ourselves. Giving our all to those around us, begins the process of receiving. And receive we shall get. Not cash or recognition. Not the tangibles in life which we can throw one day. It’s the intangibles that will make our journey in life meaningful, that will tell us that I live for a greater purpose in life. The overpowering drive that would want us to get better each day, waking up from bed each day with a purposeful stride in our feet ready to make a difference in the world. That makes our days worthwhile.

So Unleash The Leader Within You Today. For in order for you to FOLLOW your DREAMS, You need to LEAD your lives first.

Be the Change That You Want To See in this world. The Difference that makes the Difference. The Spark that starts a fire of passion in the bellies of those around you. Everything happens for a reason. There’s a time and place for everything to happen. Why not make that time now. For if not now then when? If not you then who?


Contact peiyun@akltg.com or ridhwan@akltg.com to start your journey today!

Or sign up for our camps at http://akltgcoaching.melvynchan.com

“Why make the sky the limit when there are footsteps on the moon?”